Corporate Giving

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We Believe in Giving Back

Supporting the communities we serve is an important part of our culture at Arida Energy. From the generosity of our employees to the giving we do through our non-profit Arida Energy Foundation , we believe in doing all we can to make a difference.

$23.9 million

in contributions by Arida companies and the Arida Energy Foundation in 2018.

$1.2 million

matched by the Arida Energy Foundation every year to contributions made by employees.


$450,000 was contributed by employees, the Arida Energy Foundation and the Arida family of companies to help with the relief in five natural disasters.

Advancing Community Causes

Arida companies are committed to being good corporate citizens and working alongside community and business leaders to help improve the quality of life for our neighbors and customers. We focus on causes and organizations that are aligned with our business priorities:

  • We concentrate on the environment because we recognize that our business operations have an impact.
  • We contribute to community development and education because strong economies support a higher quality of life for our customers – and effective schools develop skilled workers and wise leaders.
  • We prioritize emergency preparedness to help make sure our communities are ready to respond to unforeseen events.

City Heights Facelift San Diego
SDG&E’s Environmental Champions support nonprofits who promote environmental education and community engagement.
Homewalk 2016 SoCalGas
SoCalGas employees generously support the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, including its annual HomeWalk to end homelessness.

Partner With Us

Our companies are dedicated to giving back to the communities where we operate. We partner with and provide grants to a wide variety of non-profit organizations and encourage our employees to volunteer their time and resources to causes they are passionate about.